Paint oil on canvas
97.8 x 77.6 cm.

They say ‘The Weaver’ is this Mamala; she goes through the ukupacha (inside world) weaving with its colourful threads that emerge from her.
- From the songs to seeds – North Potosi.
They also call her “The Traveller” because she travels to other lands. It can be harvested in farms far from where it was planted.


Paint oil on canvas
160.5 X 88 cm.

Playful, mysterious, sweet and fresh, she matures without losing its greenness.. She shakes her fragrance up to the Apus (spirits of the mountains). -From the songs to the seeds- North Potosi.
They say she was found wild near a chili plant.
As a young woman she is in her splendor, blooming, hatching her seeds to the Mama Wayra of the wind.


Paint oil on canvas
139.5 X 120 cm.

These potatoes are carefree little girls, who like to play make mischief.
Suspicious, blushing, they are freckled in various joyful colors.
Condor Mallku steals them easily for their innocent wealth.


Paint oil on canvas
118 X 77.6 cm.

So very old is this Mamala, she has been forgotten.
The appreciative ones are the women that still sing during seedtime, receiving from her the initiation onto new paths and the sustenance for body and soul.


Paint oil on canvas
130 X 80 cm.

Offering mysteries and gifts to the Wak'a of the place (sacred altar), to reach them to Pachamama, the Inti sun, the Apus and Achachilas (spirits of the mountains).
At your feet Mamala Wak'a there is chicha challada (corn drink), there are llamas, Winged snakes, sugar mysteries, flowers, ilhas (animated stones), coca leaves, corn seeds. The reciprocal affection of those who appreciate you when passing through your ancestral trails.


Paint oil on canvas
132 x 94.5 cm.

Of alla the corn Mamalas, she is the most mysterious.
She is a serious girl on the precipice of ripeness and maduration.
Fertilized by the moon and the strength of the sunsent.


Paint oil on canvas
132 x 94.5 cm.

Mamala of abundance. Mamala, so deeply loved.
Always the Coca leaves are offered to La Pachamama.
So she can produce many wawas (babies).
“Pachamamita, acullicate pues, vas a crear bien la wawa!” (part of ritual song for the seedtime).


Paint oil on canvas
150 x 110 cm.

While sowing, the women sing; While singing, we water and irrigate the ground With our voices; While singing, we scatter the seeds upon the Earth


Paint oil on canvas
160.3 X 92.5 cm.

She is the Mamala of fire. She lives wild in the high valleys where the Amaru, the serpent, protects her. His spirit is in his hair that flourishes from his strength, fertilized by Illapa-the ray.


Paint oil on canvas
128 x 94.5 cm.

She is young but simultaneously very old.
She comes from faraway times. Very powerful, she gives birth to thousands and thousands of “guaguas”. No other Mamala can reach her. It is said that, because of her strength to produce offspring, Mamala Quinua is capable of dispelling all curses and sicknesses.


Paint oil on canvas
140 X 119.3 cm.

Sacred seed, Mamala of the Amazon, you give color to everything created. You open yourself from the most hidden of the jungle, offering your medicine.
You paint and feed. You draw life on our faces and bodies.


Paint oil on canvas
100 x 90 cm.

Born from the fire of volcanoes on the cosmic axis, Pukina land. Tunupa from the south you are a man, from the north you are a woman.
Androgynous mountain of the Pachamama, you have carved on your skin petroglyphic messages, many times indecipherable. You have the harmonizing force of the climate and the distributing force of abundance.


Paint oil on canvas
104.6 X 125.8 cm.

Ancestral Chullpa (skull), a ñusta (an ancient human sacrifice), she is a protective soul, nurtured by all.
She is part of the daily ritual of honoring the living death of our present times.


Paint oil on canvas
100 x 60cm.